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[Puisi] Why ???

What so wrong about you that make we hate you?? What so wrong about this life that tells we are not match?? I can take anything of what you have done to me… I can hold any tears that comes from feeling being hurt by you.. And everybody’s hates bear a mountain of cares from me to cover you. Your care is not to anyone but me. Your love will not share to anyone but me. And who knows how much you care? And who believes how much you love me? Unless I can feel it babe… I am blind to see the truth. I am deaf of everybody’s yell. But I am happy when I am with you. And I am alive thinking of you. This is the true love story that I’ve ever felt. I came from the past. I walk on the day today And I go for tomorrow’s life… but, I want to take you back. Darling, When you believe your reincarnation,